scout helps Whirlpool hire efficiently

The Challenge

Whirlpool is known for its operational excellence in marketing and manufacturing appliances. When they needed to turn to third party search firm recruiters, they needed to use a manual process. This meant, that for each position they wanted to fill, they would have to conduct a search of headhunting firms to find a fit. In addition, Whirlpool did not have a set of tools to help identify which recruiter they should go with. This caused the list of recruiters they used to become large, as there was difficulty measuring and tracking performance systematically.

The Solution

Whirlpool already used Taleo and saw Scout as a way to streamline the process. With Scout in place, Whirlpool has one single point of contact, instead of multiple points of contact on a requisition-by-requisition basis. Where the engagement process had once been both lengthy and consuming, now Whirlpool’s toughest-to-fill positions are quickly matched to specialty recruiters who provide a wider reach of diverse candidates. Today, for every permanent position that needs help to be filled by an external search firm, there is one process, one contract and one invoice, all within Taleo. With a little help from Scout, Whirlpool has extended its reputation for operational excellence to its recruiting process.

Whirlpool's manual approach to finding recruiters was becoming challenging as they were unable to efficiently track performance

Scout gave Whirlpool a single point of contact for all of their requisitions, streamlining their hiring process

Now, Whirlpool's toughest-to-fill positions are quickly matched to specialty recruiters, and with each hire there is one process, one contract and one invoice