What is Scout’s “recruitment marketplace”?

Did you know it uses AI to give you the best results?

Scout is a two-sided recruitment marketplace. It has buyers (you) and providers (specialty recruiters) and matches them to the benefit of each party.

Airbnb, another two-sided marketplace,  has both travelers and people who have lodging available. On one platform they can access each other to make mutually beneficial arrangements. Before Airbnb they never would have found each other.

Scout employs machine learning coupled with AI to take the marketplace experience to another level. AI facilitates both parties in the marketplace having an optimal experience. When you post a position to the marketplace (instead of limiting it to search firms you already know) the AI kicks in to assess a wide range of data points from the job posting you entered and analyzes the data. That process identifies and routes the posting to the specialty recruiters with objectively proven, recent track records of filling the type of job you just posted. You then get well-suited candidates by working with specialty recruiters.

We know that in the beginning our users may not feel comfortable with the marketplace. They are concerned that these strangers will not “get them”. So they keep sending postings to the recruiters they worked with in the past. And they get the same results they got in the past.

Over time, as they begin to use the marketplace, they achieve faster fill times, more candidates who are qualified, more jobs filled and lower fees. Those were the reasons Scout was brought in in the first place (in addition to process and contract efficiencies). That’s how you benefit from the AI that is the unique value brought to you by the Scout marketplace. But you can’t benefit from the marketplace, or the AI, if you don’t use it. So hit “post to marketplace” from day one of a job posting and see your results improve. (Your listings will still go to your preferred providers but now they will also go simultaneously to the marketplace.) You have no risk and much to gain!

Validated results from the marketplace

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