Finally, employers really can use machine learning to find great talent faster!

How will you find talent in the tightest job market in 17 years? Believe it or not, you CAN find great talent faster with innovative technology. Machine learning can improve your fill and time to fill rates while securing quality candidates.

In this engaging session, HR Tech analyst John Sumser shares his latest research: “Does HR Speak AI?” in a complimentary webinar, sponsored by Scout Exchange. Distilling data from hundreds of interviews with AI researchers and industry leaders, Sumser shares his unique perspective on what intelligent software really is and how it will impact the future of recruiting.

Listeners can also hear real world examples from Ken Lazarus, CEO of Scout Exchange. Leveraging new applications of machine learning, combined with online marketplace dynamics, Dr. Lazarus demonstrates how employers across multiple industries have found A+ candidates for even their toughest roles in record time.

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Featured speakers

Ken Lazarus

Ken Lazarus, CEO, Scout Exchange, has been a cofounder, CEO, director and advisor for more than a dozen technology-based startups, including Lilliputian Systems, ACX, DataXu and Ekotrope. An expert in machine learning technology, Lazarus is a World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer and holds over 20 patents.


John Sumser

John Sumser, Principal Analyst, HRExaminer, an independent HRTech industry analyst firm, has been defining the cutting edge of HR and Recruiting Technology for over 25 years, with forecasts and predictions that have helped shape the direction, tone and content of the industry. Regularly recognized as an industry thought leader, John has been named one of the “most game changing influencers in recruiting” by DevSkiller, a “Top HR Influencer” by HR Marketer, and one of the “most influential people to follow in #hrtech” by recruitee.