IT recruiter prefers scout’s marketplace

The Challenge

When Barbara Taylor started her own recruiting firm, Vista Talent, she knew she needed a marketplace. Although she had used other marketplaces she wondered if there was a better solution. She was frustrated with how other marketplaces accept or decline recruiters before even looking at their candidates. If she wasn’t accepted by an employer the only way to submit a candidate was by paying a fee. Then, If the employer still didn’t accept her candidate — the marketplace kept her money anyway! There had to be a better option.

The Solution

In the short time Barbara has been using Scout, she has already made three hires with different companies and has two more in the pipeline. “With Scout, you find real opportunities. I see jobs I can work, and I can start working them on day one. There are no hoops to jump through” Barbara sees such value in her current marketplace that she structures her day around it. “I’ve made Scout a part of my daily workflow. Now I can focus on finding candidates, not finding jobs to work on. It saves me a lot of time.”

As an independent recruiter, Barbara says it’s nice to feel like someone has her back. “I view Scout as a business partner to really help my company to grow and prosper. It is an extension of my business.”

Vista Talent was searching for a marketplace where candidates could be submitted freely and considered fairly.

By using Scout, they now have access to listings for hundreds of jobs, with no submission fees

Shortly after joining Scout, Vista Talent made three hires averaging 35 days with fees averaging over $15k