Taleo Business Edition Tips & Guides

Posting a Job in Taleo Business Edition

To post a job to Scout:

  1. Complete the Scout for Taleo section on the requisition you want to post.
    If you are flexible about the placement fee, be sure you check the Open to Bid option.
  2. Save the changes to the requisition to post the job. Make sure there is a city and state associated with the location name specified on the requisition. For example, if the location appears as “Headquarters” on the requisition, confirm with your TBE administrator that there is a city and state associated with Headquarters, if not, no location will appear in Scout. Job postings without locations receive fewer submissions.

What’s Next? When the job is posted, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to questions about the job opportunity and tell us the urgency of your job posting. Respond to these questions as soon as possible—the more recruiters know about what you’re really looking for, what’s exciting about the opportunity, the better qualified candidates you’ll see! Select a job’s urgency in the Tell Us More Page. Level 1: Help! I Need Candidates, Level 2: Looking for Just the Right Candidate, Level 3: Show Me What You’ve Got, Scout! Hot Jobs will have an icon next to the job title and recruiters will be notified via email of hot jobs. Scout will match your job with third-party recruiters who specialize in this type of job. You will be notified via email and in TBE of candidates submitted for your consideration.

Reviewing Candidates in Taleo Business Edition

To review candidates submitted for a job: Click the job title. Note that the number of candidates pending review is shown in the Scout column.

Select the Scout Candidates tab to view the candidates for your review. Note that these candidates have not been imported into your TBE system.

Click the candidate name to view the candidate’s resume and information provided by the search firm. Review candidates promptly – good candidates go quickly! And they will expire after 14 days.Take action on the submission.

A duplicate candidate check will occur when you click Submit. If the candidate is already imported in your ATS, you will be notified and may choose to Continue or Cancel to upload the resume or not.

  • Interested – Good fit? Click Interested to import the candidate into your TBE recruiting workflow for the job, and the recruiter will be provided with your contact information.
  • Not Interested – Not what you’re looking for? Click Not Interested and provide the recruiter with feedback for future candidates.

Providing comments when declining candidates leads to better qualified submissions in the future.

  • Share Candidate – Not sure? Share the candidate with the hiring manager and others involved in the hiring process before accepting or declining the submission.You have the option to share the candidate before accepting or declining the submission, or ask the search firm a question by clicking Got A Question.What’s Next? The search firm will be notified when you indicate if you’re interested or not in moving forward, and will contact you on next steps. Once you’ve imported a candidate you’re interested in, reach out to the recruiter as soon as possible to move the candidate forward.

Hiring a Candidate in Taleo Business Edition

When you hire a candidate, the search firm notifies Scout of the placement and issues an invoice at the new hire’s start date. Invoices are due upon receipt. Employers make all payments directly to Scout, not to the search firm. Once the hired candidate has satisfied the 90-day guarantee period and the funds have been collected, Scout will distribute 75% of the placement fee to the search firm. Scout retains the remaining 25%.

Updating and Closing Jobs in Taleo Business Edition

Updating the Placement Fee or Open to Bid Status If you change the placement fee or open to bid setting on the job in TBE, Scout automatically creates a new version of the job posting and notifies search firm recruiters working 
the job of the new 
version so that they can 
re-import and continue to submit
 candidates. You will also receive an email notification listing any candidate submissions you previously accepted, and at what fee, to ensure there is no misunderstanding between the you and the search firm. If appropriate, update the detailed job information you provided after posting the jobs. Select the “More information means more candidates!” link on the Scout Candidates tab.

Remember, you can also click on the Feed Your Pack tab to update the candidate status

Other Job Modifications When you make a change to a requisition other than 
its fee or open to bid setting—for example, modify the job title or job 
description—search firm recruiters who are working on the job are notified via email 
of the updates. Prior to closing your job or changing the status, please reject pending Scout candidates. Those you marked as interested have been imported and will be linked to your job in TBE. Closing a Job When you close your job in TBE, the posting will automatically be removed from Scout, and all search firm recruiters working the job will be notified. Note that once you close a job, you will no longer have access to any candidates that were pending your review, but those you marked as Interested have been imported and will be linked to your job in TBE.