iCIMS Tips & Guides

Posting a Job in iCIMS

To post a job to Scout:

  1. Under the Advertise tab in iCIMS, select Post to Career Portals.
  2. Click Post. Then enter the dates you want the job to be posted and click Save.
  3. Now, select Post to Job Distribution.
  4. Now choose the Scout option and post. Make sure you click Save.
  5. Click on Proceed to Scout to complete this posting.
  6. This will bring you to the Scout Listing page for this posting. To complete the posting Select Percentage or Fixed Fee. Complete the entire form including urgency, and all additional questions.
  7. Select Post to Scout Marketplace or Post to Preferred Vendors (available only for Scout+ employers).

Reviewing Candidates in iCIMS

To review candidates submitted for a job:

  1. When candidates are submitted for your review, you will receive an email notification. To view the candidate’s resume, simply click on the link in the email. You also can see notification of candidates on the job posting screen. Click the job title to view pending candidates.
  2. Here you can see the candidate’s first name, last initial, agency, recruiter, and proposed placement fee. Candidates submitted to a job are available for review for 14 days and then will expire. The list of pending candidates for a job indicates how many days remain to review each candidate. Click the candidate name to view more.
  3. To view the candidate’s  resume click the “View Resume” button. Candidate information is masked until you take action. Click Close to return to candidate overview.
  4. In the right hand column you can ask the recruiter a question to qualify further.
  5. Click the “Share Candidate” button to share the candidates with others via email. You can include a message if you like.
  6. If, after reviewing a candidate, you are not interested, click Not Interested. We recommend that that you provide feedback to the recruiter. If you are interested in advancing the candidate, click Accept Candidate. Select Confirm, or cancel.A duplicate candidate check will occur after you click Accept Candidate. If the candidate already exists in your ATS, you will be notified and may choose to continue or cancel.
  7. Once you click Accept Candidate the candidate is imported into your ATS and will be linked to the requisition. You will receive his/her full name, and resume, and he/she will be labeled as a Scout Candidate. Once you’ve imported a candidate you’re interested in, reach out to the recruiter as soon as possible to move the candidate forward.
  8. As the candidate moves through the process, you can keep the recruiter informed by changing their status on candidate details page.

Hiring a Candidate in iCIMS

When you hire a candidate,  take the following steps:

  1. You set candidate status to “Hired”. The search Firm will be notified that you have changed the status to hired.
  2. Search firm recruiter then sets the candidate status to “Hired”  and completes the  “Candidate Placement Form.”
  3. You receive an email to review and confirm candidate placement details on the “Candidate Placement Form.” The Search firm recruiter is notified to review if you make any changes.

Updating and Closing Jobs in iCIMS

Updating the Placement Fee or Open to Bid Status

If you change the placement fee or open to bid setting on the job in iCIMS, Scout automatically creates a new version of the job posting and notifies search firm recruiters working 
the job of the new 
version so that they can 
reimport and continue to submit 
candidates. You will also receive an email notification listing any candidate submissions you previously accepted, and at what fee, to ensure there is no misunderstanding between you and the search firm.

Closing a Job

When you close your job in iCIMS, the posting will automatically be removed from Scout, and all search firm recruiters working the job will be notified. A job can also be removed from Scout via the Job Distribution board in iCIMS. Note that once you close a job, you will no longer have access to any candidates that were pending your review, but those you marked as Interested have been imported and will be linked to your job in iCIMS.

Other Job Modifications

When you make a change to a requisition other than 
its fee or open to bid setting—for example, modify the job title or job 
description—search firm recruiters who are working on the job are notified via email
 of the updates.