Connect Tips & Guides

Viewing Jobs in Scout Connect

  1. After logging in, you’ll land on the Scout Marketplace page. You can use the filters and search to help you find jobs you’re interested in working. You can select “All” to review all the open jobs in the marketplace. The Recommended, Exclusive, and Hot toggle buttons on the right will help you narrow your search by category.
  2. The icons displayed in each job listing provide additional details about the job. Bone icons next to the company name display the company’s responsiveness rating.
  3. To view the full details for a position, click on the job title.

Saving Jobs in Scout Connect

  1. When you find a job you’re interested in working, but might not have a candidate immediately to submit, you can save a job to help you easily find it again. Clicking the “Save job” button will mark the job as saved. In the marketplace, jobs you’ve saved can be identified with the saved check mark icon. You can also review your saved jobs on the “My saved jobs” tab.

  2. The “My saved jobs” page displays all the jobs you have marked as saved, but haven’t submitted a candidate to. You can also see if a job you’ve saved has expired or closed. Remember, candidates can only be submitted to open jobs.
  3. If you are no longer interested in a job, or the job has closed or expired, you can remove the job from your saved jobs page by clicking “Unsave job”. The job will no longer appear on your “My saved jobs” page. If the job is still open, you can always save the job again by finding it in the Marketplace.

Submitting a Candidate in Scout Connect

  1. When you’re ready to submit a candidate, you can click on the title of a job to open the details page. On the details page, you’ll find a button called “Submit a candidate”. Click this button to start the submission process.
  2. To submit a candidate, you are required to enter the candidate’s first and last name, their email address, and a copy of their resume in Word or PDF format. If the job is open to bid, select the fee you want to propose. You can also add a note about the candidate to let the hiring company know additional information about your submission.
  3. Once you submit a candidate, you will see an icon next to the job in the Scout Marketplace, to help you identify jobs you’re currently working. You can also see all the jobs you’ve submitted candidates to at a glance.
  4. On the “My submitted jobs” page you can review all the jobs you’ve submitted at least one candidate to, even if the job is now closed.
  5. Click the title of a job and then click on the “Job Stats” tab to see the status of the candidates you’ve submitted, or submit a new candidate if the job is still open.