Learn About Your Search Firm Recruiter Rating

Scout ratings are given to both Employer Recruiters and Search Firm Recruiters. Our ratings are not the subjective Yelp or Amazon-style reviews, they are instead derived from historical performance.

We use data, not opinions.

How are Search Firm Ratings Determined?

Search firm recruiter ratings are generated through an evaluation of an individual recruiter’s likelihood of success based on past successes related to job role, skills match, location, job level, etc. This is built on our proprietary, AI-driven model designed to continually learn over time.

Scout generates two distinct Search Firm ratings:  

  • Overall Rating: reflects a search firm recruiter’s combined performance across all job categories for which they’ve submitted candidates.
  • Job Category Rating: reflects a search firm recruiter’s performance within a single job category.

Scout Rating Scale

We have a graduated scale to rank all recruiters:

1 star – You run the risk of being deactivated in Scout
2 star – You need to start making improvements
3 star – Average, but you can still make adjustments to improve your rating
4 star – Top performing, your candidates have slightly higher chance of being accepted
5 star – Best of the best, your candidates have significantly higher chance of being accepted

A 5-star search firm recruiter has 40% more acceptances than an average or low performing recruiter

Just remember, hiring companies can see your rating, so it’s crucial to keep it as high as possible. Learn more about Employer Recruiter Ratings here