Scout Launches Search Firm Recruiter Ratings to Enhance Trust and Transparency in the Marketplace

Machine Generated Approach Assures Objectivity while Encouraging Marketplace Recruiting Best Practices

BOSTON, MA – Oct. 2, 2017   Scout Exchange, a platform for marketplace recruiting, today announced the launch of Search Firm Recruiter Ratings. Unlike most marketplaces, Scout’s ratings are machine-generated and based on quantifiable data reflecting a recruiter’s past performance relative to peers in similar situations.  The new rating complements the company’s existing Employer Rating and is designed to enhance trust, transparency and marketplace objectivity.

“This launch marks an important milestone in Scout’s roadmap and our ability to ensure best practices for all marketplace participants,” said Robert McDonald, Director of Product Management at Scout. “Recruiter ratings are especially valuable for building employer confidence in search firms they have not worked with previously.”

In addition to benefitting employers, Scout’s ratings help search firm recruiters by providing a feedback mechanism to measure their success in the marketplace. The ratings also increase the number of job placement opportunities and recommendations recruiters receive.

Separately from the overall recruiter rating, Scout generates job category ratings that assess a recruiter’s performance relative to peers within a single job category. This category rating is particularly beneficial, considering a recent Scout survey found that 91 percent of successful job placements are made by specialty recruiters with a proven track record of success in a specific job category.

Scout’s CEO, Ken Lazarus, has been an outspoken proponent on the power of marketplace ratings, which have been used for years in consumer marketplaces as a critical driver of engendering user trust. In a recent TED talk, Airbnb co-founder Joe Gebbia recognized the critical role that ratings played in helping to alleviate a host’s fear of “stranger danger” during the early days of home sharing.

“Ratings are no longer just for consumer marketplaces,” said Lazarus. “We’ve seen from our own data that employers with ratings on our platform achieve 3-4X better recruiting results, including higher quality candidates and faster time to fill,” he said.

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