Scout Exchange, LLC. Announces Entrance Into the Canadian Market

The World’s Largest Online Recruitment Marketplace Expands Into Canada

BOSTON, March 16, 2017 — Scout Exchange, a dynamic and fast-growing software company that has reinvented recruiting by building an innovative, cloud-based recruitment platform and the world’s largest online recruitment marketplace announced their expansion into the Canadian market today.

Scout works with many global corporations, using innovative technology, a cloud-based platform, and performance-driven data to connect specialized search firm recruiters with employer companies seeking new hires for difficult-to-fill positions. The expansion into Canada will meet demand from Scout’s global firms to offer these services in new markets.

President and Founder Sean Bisceglia and CEO Ken Lazarus expect this to signal the growth of Scout worldwide. “This is the next big step for Scout,” Lazarus says. “Scout solves an essential problem for global hiring firms. It centralizes all of their search firm spending and quickly reduces fees.” Bisceglia adds, “this expansion is the direct result of the massive success our global clients are seeing in reduced costs in their US search spend from using Scout. We expect this growth to continue as we bring on more clients with global hiring needs. The recruitment technology revolution is here to stay. Now it’s time to take it to new markets.”


Scout is the world’s largest cloud-based recruitment platform that efficiently manages connecting employers and search firms in a vibrant marketplace that delivers great results. We use proprietary data analytics to drive disruption through innovation by finding the best ways to help hire quality talent more effectively and efficiently. Scout’s intuitive platform is built into the applicant tracking system you’re already using. As a result, companies fill positions faster and third-party recruiters are matched with more of the jobs they’re best suited to fill. To learn more about how Scout is reinventing recruiting, please visit


Press Contact:

Liz Bradley
Director of Communications, Scout Exchange