Scout Exchange CEO to Speak at MIT AI Conference on Reducing Decision Bias in Machine Learning

BOSTON, MA – April 18, 2018 Scout Exchange, a platform for marketplace recruiting, announces its CEO, Dr. Ken Lazarus, will be a featured speaker at the MIT AI Conference this Friday, April 20th at the Intercontinental Hotel San Francisco.  Organized by MITCNC, the regional alumni club of Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Northern California,

The three-day event will bring together top artificial intelligence (AI) luminaries to explore a common theme of “how machine learning is shaping the future of industries​ and creating ​industries of the future.”

In his session on Friday, entitled “Human + Machines,” Lazarus will share his perspective on how machine learning can be used to reduce human decision bias in the $500 billion global recruiting industry. To illustrate his position, Lazarus will cite specific examples using analysis from Scout’s recruitment marketplace, which includes hundreds of large employers, thousands of recruiters, and hundreds of thousands of candidate submissions.

Formatted as “fireside chat” interview with Anna Khan from Bessemer Venture Partners, Lazarus will explain why he believes humans present more imminent danger than machines, at least when it comes to the role of decision bias in talent acquisition.

“There is a lot of speculation about a future where AI enhanced robots destroy mankind, but I’m more worried about humans messing up the machines because decision making is inherently biased,” said Lazarus. “But also, since algorithms are trained using human data, machines will inevitably be biased unless you can account for the bias.  Fortunately, we have ways to measure and adjust for human bias so our employers receive the most objective slate of great candidates.”

About Scout Exchange

Scout is a platform for marketplace recruiting, providing a new way to connect employers with the best recruiters to fill jobs with great talent. Analyzing millions of data points from thousands of recruiters in its marketplace, Scout’s performance matching algorithms connect specialty search firm recruiters to marketplace jobs in their area of expertise. Using machine learning technology, Scout determines which recruiters are best able to successfully fill each requisition, based on past performance by job type. By curating the best recruiters for each job, Scout ensures higher quality candidates, faster time to fill and reduced cost. The platform also provides a world class process, comprehensive analytics, reporting and benchmarking, as well as consolidated contracting, invoicing and payment. Seamlessly integrated with Applicant Tracking Systems used by 90% of enterprises, Scout is trusted by hundreds of employers, including 50 Fortune 500 companies, and thousands of the best search firm recruiters. For more information visit


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Liz Bradley
Director of Communications, Scout Exchange