scout helps Messina Group open closed doors

The Who & Why

As a broad-based staffing and consulting agency, the Messina Group Inc. understood better than most how to find the right candidates to fill top-level positions. Their challenge was in trying to find new avenues of opportunity in an already-crowded and competitive marketplace.

The Setup

The Messina Group turned to Scout to streamline their process and get in the door of companies that were once closed to them. The Messina Group has a seasoned Director of Recruiting and two full-time recruiters who are 100% dedicated to Scout. the Director sets the search direction, interprets job descriptions, and defines candidate requirements. To help the recruiters’ accuracy, the Messina Group counseling utilizes their internal subject matter experts (Engineering, Science, Finance, Marketing, etc.) who consult on what to look for when screening and qualifying candidates and reach out to Scout Account Managers for additional guidance if needed.

The Opportunities

Right from the start, Messina Group reported significant time savings from working with Scout. That’s because, according to Michael Parks, Messina Group’s CEO and President, the Scout product is intuitive. “Their product is easy-to-use and gives us a competitive edge in the market. We believe Scout has the power to really shift the industry and revolutionize the way search firms, like us, do business.” Parks also notes that Scout has allowed him to work with small businesses who, because they’re able to move and make decisions faster, can be a great ROI.

Most importantly, Messina Group has used Scout as an icebreaker, getting them into companies that they couldn’t get into or didn’t know about before. Once their foot is in the door, so to speak, Parks says his group is able to build lasting relationships with both SMBs and Fortune 500 companies, which lead to repeat business.

The broad-based staffing agency needed access to new businesses in a competitive market

Using Scout, Messina group has been able to work with companies that were once unavailable to them

With Scout’s help, Messina Group has fostered new relationships with small businesses and F500 companies, leading to repeat business