Make More Money with Scout

Advice from Two Top-Rated Search Firm Recruiters


Do you want to make more money with Scout? We know this answer may be obvious, but the ways to achieve it may not always be.

That’s why we want to help! We’re bringing you two of our 5-star rated recruiters so you can hear from them how they built successful businesses using Scout.

Scout’s Senior Marketplace Director Gary Benedik will be leading a discussion with April Estes and Chris Rowe about how they have used Scout strategically to grow their revenue. They will also share tips about how they’ve achieved and maintain their 5-star statuses in Scout. (Hint: you may want to check your own rating before attending this webinar).

So bring your questions and get ready to take notes! You’ll leave this webinar with new ideas on how you can make more money from Scout, as well as establish and protect a top rating.

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