scout enables a pathway to success for IQAir

Scout Opens up Candidate Base

IQAir has strong ideas about the type of people they want to help build this growing company. They have high standards for new employees, seeking top performers who are passionate, have a strong work ethic, and are highly engaged in what they do. When it came time to add new talent, they used the Scout Exchange to help them connect with the right recruiters who could fill their open requisitions. This unique application enabled them to connect with the Gerent Group, who quickly filled two positions with stellar candidates.

“I’ve found Scout really opens up the candidate market in a way that employers haven’t been able to touch before. I especially like being able to set a rate and not have to worry about negotiating a rate on a top candidate. I would recommend Scout to any employer looking to widen their candidate base.”

— Debbie Stein
Human Resources Manager
IQAir North America, Inc.

Position: Field Service Tech.
Candidiates Submitted: 5
Candidates Accepted: 3
Candidates Hired: 1

Connecting with the right recruiter enabled IQAir to quickly fill two positions with stellar candidates.

Position: Order Administration
Candidiates Submitted: 30
Candidates Accepted: 9
Candidates Hired: 1