Why AI Will Never Replace Recruiters

If you’ve been in this business for any length of time, you’ve probably heard someone predict the demise of recruiters: Robot recruiters are coming to take your job! We’ve been hearing about this since Monster launched in the mid-90s.

It hasn’t happened. And it won’t.

For all the things AI can do – from search automation to chatbot screenings – there’s a lot that AI can’t do. And frankly, these are the areas where recruiters like you add the most value. Here’s why AI will never replace recruiters:

Robots are bad at relationships.
We operate in a world with an unprecedented talent shortage. Unemployment is at an all-time low. Employers sense which skill sets are increasingly hard to find, and so do recruiters. It’s not enough to “post and pray” anymore. You can’t just hope the right people will come to you. Recruiters know the single most important part of their jobs is to cultivate and maintain relationships with past, present and future candidates. AI hasn’t come close to figuring out how to do that yet, but you have.

AI can’t identify passive candidates – at least not very well.
We all know employers love passive candidates. We want what we can’t have, right? The thing is, artificial intelligence is only as smart as the people who program it. If the people who write algorithms don’t know where to find passive candidates, the machine won’t know how to find them either. Scout recruiters – that is, real people who recruit – know how to engage in conversations on Stack Overflow, while showing up to the CTO Forum Meetup.

There’s a reason you haven’t seen any robots in sales.
A recruiter’s job is a lot like a salesperson’s. They should understand the changing demands of the market at any given time. They need a handle on the regulatory environment and must immediately anticipate shifts in supply and demand. They need the ability to see unique sales propositions and foresee the complicated human intelligence dynamics at play. But most of all, they need to successfully communicate the value proposition to employer and employee.

It’s not that we think artificial intelligence has no value. Far from it; we based a business on it. AI offers enormous potential to augment the work you are already doing. By automating the more routine functions, AI can free you up to focus on high-value activities like relationship-building. Scout uses its AI to find jobs where we know you will have a high likelihood of success. With Scout, AI is your helpful coworker who has a lot of great suggestions!

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