Search Firm Recruiter Ratings

A cornerstone of Scout’s unique Marketplace Recruiting approach is the ability of market players to evaluate and select the market partners best suited to their individual needs.

One way this is accomplished is through the unique Scout Rating system, which evaluates employer recruiters and search firm recruiters on the basis of their past performance within Scout. These ratings assure maximum engagement of all parties and assure that only the highest quality candidates are submitted.

Scout Search Firm Performance Ratings

Search Firm Recruiter Performance Ratings measure the quality of service a recruiter delivers to employers by comparing an individual recruiter’s success placing candidates with that of their peers. A higher rating suggests that the individual is more likely to succeed in submitting acceptable candidates when being compared to fellow recruiters in the Scout system.

How are Search Firm Ratings Determined?

Search Firm Ratings are automatically generated by the Scout Machine Learning Engine, which factors a range of data points, including quantity of candidate submissions, acceptances, and rejections relative to peers in similar scenarios on the platform. The system also normalizes the data to account for non-controllable factors, such as whether a search firm is a Preferred Provider and the timing of candidate submission relative to job posting date.

Scout automatically generates two distinct Search Firm ratings: Overall rating and Job Category rating

  • An Overall rating reflects a Search Firm Recruiter’s combined performance across all job categories for which they’ve submitted candidates. A Search Firm Recruiter may qualify for an overall rating without being eligible for a Job Category Rating.
  • A Job Category rating reflects a Search Firm Recruiter’s performance within a single job category. To qualify for a Job Category rating, a search firm recruiter must have 10 active candidate submissions to jobs within a specific job category during the previous 90 days. If this minimum is met in more than one of Scout’s Job Categories, a recruiter will have a Job Category rating in addition to an Overall rating.

Scout Rating Scale

Scout employs a graduated scale to rank recruiters. A recruiter rated 4 and above is considered a “top performer”:

1 – Needs Improvement
– Fair
– Good
– Very Good
5 – Excellent

How Can Search Firm Recruiters Improve Their Ratings?

Search firm recruiters can positively impact their ratings by:

  • Submitting the highest quality candidates possible to employers
  • Submitting candidates to jobs related to their specialties (and for those that are recommended)
  • Ensuring that the candidates’ qualifications match the employers’ job requirements
  • Clearly articulating how a candidate is qualified using the submission notes
  • Actively searching for employer postings that match the qualifications of their candidates

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