Ratings Matter

Highly rated internal recruiters make a difference

We talk a lot about measuring the performance of third-party recruiters – and Scout is actually the only product on the market that objectively calculates recruiter effectiveness. But did you know the system also measures the effectiveness of internal recruiters representing hiring companies? 

Scout’s hiring company recruiter ratings are a measure of factors like timeliness of response and how complete job postings are (e.g., do posts include location, job description, salary information, etc.). These ratings are an indication of the kind of experience candidates and search firms can expect when they work with each of your recruiters.

It might be tempting to think the ratings of your internal talent acquisition professionals don’t matter. After all, you can always just use a highly rated search firm recruiter to access the candidates you need, right? Maybe, but maybe not.

An analysis of Scout search firm recruiter ratings and their relationship to TA recruiter behaviors revealed that highly rated search firm recruiters focus their efforts on highly rated hiring company recruiters.  They know a high rating means candidates are likely to move through the process quickly and that the experience will be a good one for candidates. That reflects well on both the search firm recruiter and the hiring company.

On the other hand, if they see a TA recruiter who routinely lets candidates expire or has other habits that will impede their own effectiveness they actively avoid working with that person. As we have noted in the past, the best will choose to work with the best (and this means the best candidates too).

Hiring company internal recruiter ratings are a great tool to ensure you’re giving search firm recruiters and candidates what they need and expect. Use them to assess where you’re at and build the optimal processes and behaviors that will help you connect with the best recruiters and the most sought-after talent.

Feel free to reach out to your Scout contact to discuss ways to boost the ratings of your internal recruiters. Or, check out the employer and search firm recruiter ratings sections on our website.

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