No, AI Won’t Replace Recruiters

But It Will Make Them More Effective

At Scout, we use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to identify the recruiters most likely to be successful in filling your specific job postings.  When we built the Scout marketplace, we didn’t set out to replace third-party recruiters with technology, as others have tried to do. Instead, we built a platform that uses AI to connect you to the specialty recruiters you need in a given moment. And to connect recruiters to the opportunities where they’re most likely to excel.

As technology goes, Scout is as human-centered as it gets.

The myth of the robot recruiter

Ever since Monster launched in the mid-90s, people have predicted the demise of human recruiters. Would-be futurists assumed artificial intelligence and robot recruiters would displace recruiters. It didn’t happen. And it won’t.

For all the things AI can do – from search automation to chatbot screenings – there’s a lot AI can’t do. And frankly, these are the areas where search firm recruiters have always added the most value.  For example:

Robots are bad at relationships.
We operate in a world with an unprecedented talent shortage. Unemployment is at an all-time low. A recruiter’s single most important asset is the ability to cultivate and maintain relationships with past, present and future candidates. AI hasn’t come close to figuring out how to do that yet, which is why employers need to be able to access recruiters with the right relationships for a given opportunity.

AI can’t identify passive candidates – at least not very well.
Artificial intelligence is only as intelligent as the people who program it. If the people who write the algorithms don’t know where or how to find passive candidates, the machine won’t know how to find them either. Human recruiters know how to engage in conversations on Stack Overflow or show up to the next CTO Forum Meetup. And they have their fingers on the pulse of shifts in networks.

Chatbots can’t sell your organization, but recruiters can.
Recruiters have the ability to see unique sales propositions and foresee the complicated human intelligence dynamics at play. They are needed to successfully communicate why your organization is the best choice for high-demand, hard-to-find talent at any given time. They can convey insight into your employer branding and candidate experience in a way that a robot chatting in the corner of a screen just can’t do.

These are just a few examples. The bottom line is specialty search firm recruiters are experts in specific industries and audiences and are as necessary and relevant as ever.

AI helps employers connect to the specialty recruiters who are able to deliver

AI offers enormous potential to augment the work recruiters are already doing. It processes information faster than any human we’ve ever met and it helps employers make the most of what recruiters have to offer. By using Scout, you connect to the proven third-party recruiters who are best able to fill specific openings in your industry. The more you use Scout, the smarter it gets at connecting you to the right recruiter at the right time. In other words, people help to make our artificial intelligence more intelligent! That kind of value only comes when AI and humans work together.

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