How can you objectively measure key aspects of the candidate experience?

As an employer who works with Scout you are probably familiar with our rating system. Our AI provides an objective, unbiased look at search firm recruiter effectiveness. The same goes for your ratings. The system identifies both hiring companies and individual recruiters who are responsive, prompt and provide complete information in their job posts – essentially, the actions and details candidates are looking for from prospective employers.

Scout’s data scientists recently analyzed our recruiter data to better understand how recruiter ratings contribute to successful matches when combined with employers’ talent acquisition ratings. In looking at the data, we saw that the ratings are also indicative of  a  good candidate experience; they measure the things that candidates consistently report  matter the most to them, such as timely updates. We see every day that top candidates disappear fast if their needs aren’t met.

Using recruiter ratings as a proxy measure.

The process candidates go through when exploring a job opportunity is something most employers agree is important. In 2019, improving the candidate experience is cited as being employers’ top priority. But measuring it continues to be a challenge for many. When one recruiting blog asked employers how they handle this, the vast majority of respondents mentioned surveys or net promoter scores. The response, “It’s hard to measure in an objective way” summed up the general sentiment nicely.

It’s fair to say that measuring how a candidate feels about the process is difficult because it’s a subjective endeavor. We know candidates want employers to be prompt with their feedback, for example. But one candidate’s definition of “prompt” will be different than another’s. When we can’t measure something directly, proxy measures can be useful.

We needed to find something objectively measurable and strongly correlated to candidate experience to give employers an idea of how they’re doing. Recruiter ratings combined with employer ratings can do just .  

Our ratings of hiring companies are behavior based. They look at employers’ actions. Do job posts have enough of the right kinds of information? Do candidates and search firm recruiters get useful feedback? Are decisions made in a timely manner? The same things that generate a high rating make a great candidate experience.

Given that, it might be tempting to think a high employer rating is all that’s needed, but there’s another side of the equation to consider. Search firm recruiters play a critical role in the experience a candidate has from the time they’re sourced to the offer. Even the very best hiring company will struggle to overcome a below-average recruiter whether that recruiter is in-house or third party.

Scout’s search firm recruiter ratings are measured by how successfully their candidates have moved through the hiring process based on recent past success with similar jobs. When paired with highly rated employers’ responsiveness and quality information, top-rated recruiters results are powerful.

Our data analysis revealed that a top-rated employer working with a top-rated search firm recruiter will result in 25 times more hires than a top-rated company working with a low-rated recruiter. It’s a virtuous cycle. As employers’ and specific TA recruiters’ ratings increase, more highly rated recruiters seek to work with them. We know from our analysis that the best search firm recruiters focus their efforts on highly rated hiring companies.

The differences are clear across the board. From quantity of submissions to quality of candidates, highly rated companies paired with highly rated search firms perform demonstrably better.

Do you need help understanding how to raise your rating? Please reach out your Scout point of contact if you’d like to know more about your ratings and how you can be sure they are giving you a competitive advantage in this tight labor market. You can also learn more about employer and search firm recruiter ratings on our website.

Research report coming soon

We’ll have more to share about our data analysis in the next few weeks when we release our report “The Best of the Best”. That’s where we’ll take a close look at recruiter ratings and specializations and how they affect outcomes. We will share the report with you when it becomes available.

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