How important is your rating?

It’s critical to your success

As a search firm recruiter working with Scout, we hope you already understand how important your rating is. Search firm recruiter ratings are measured by how successfully their candidates have moved through the hiring process based on recent past success with similar jobs. Our data prove that highly rated recruiters have access to more opportunities. Highly rated companies want to work with highly rated recruiters and vice versa.

Scout’s data scientists recently analyzed our recruiter data to better understand how recruiter ratings contribute to successful matches when combined with employers’ talent acquisition teams.

Our findings speak volumes. It turns out recruiter ratings can predict quantity, quality and timing of hire.  That’s a big deal because objective, machine-driven recruiter ratings aren’t available to employers who are not on Scout. So, when they are available, they are seen as valuable data to use when selecting firms to work on new opportunities.

Here are some of our top findings:

  1. Highly rated recruiters deliver more candidates. Recruiters rated four stars and above submit significantly more candidates to open positions than lower rated recruiters do.
  2. Highly rated recruiters deliver more qualified candidates. In our analysis of acceptance rates, we found that five-star search firm recruiters are 25 percent more effective at identifying qualified candidates than the average. Their submissions also result in significantly more acceptances and hires-per-recruiter than the average.
  3. Highly rated recruiters concentrate their submissions on highly rated employers. Four and five star recruiters will actually submit fewer candidates to one-star employers than average. Instead, they focus their efforts on highly rated employers – presumably because they’re looking to use their time wisely. The best working with the best is a very powerful combination.

These findings are especially useful to search firms looking to maximize their efforts because they show what good looks like. They’re also a call to action: Prioritize efforts to achieve the highest rating possible, then use it as a selling point to approach new clients you haven’t worked with previously. If you want to open new doors, having a high rating is your best reference.

If you need information to understand how to improve your rating, please reach out to your Scout point of contact for guidance. You can also learn more about employer and search firm recruiter ratings on our website. 

We’ll have more to say about this soon when we release our upcoming report, The Best of the Best.

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