Ensure You’re Hiring From the Best of the Best

Companies working with Scout often place a high value on search firm recruiter ratings. We know this because they’ve told us so. But they aren’t always aware of how to make the most of a highly rated search firm recruiter. Fortunately, we’ve got data on that too.

Scout’s data scientists recently analyzed our recruiter data to better understand the factors that generate the most successful matches between employers’ talent acquisition teams, search firms and candidates. When we analyzed 140,000 submissions, we found proof that search firm recruiter ratings predict quantity, quality and timing of hire. And, not only do highly-rated search firm recruiters deliver more candidates, but they deliver more high-quality candidates. Those are important findings – particularly in this labor market – but it’s not as easy as simply choosing to work with the search firm recruiters with four- and five-star ratings.

Highly rated recruiters concentrate their submissions on highly rated employer recruiters. Four- and five-star recruiters will actually submit fewer candidates to one-star employer recruiters than average. Instead, they focus their efforts on highly rated TA recruiters; they’re looking to use their time wisely and present their candidates where they are most likely to have a good experience. The result is a formidable combination of highly rated recruiters from both the employer side and the search firm side.  

This intersection of excellence is powerful. Our analysis found that a five-star employer recruiter working with a five-star search firm recruiter results in 45 percent more submissions and an acceptance rate 40 percent higher than average. Of course, the most important outcome is hires and that’s where this intersection of excellence truly reveals itself. We found that five-star partnerships resulted in hires per recruiter that were 127 percent higher.

Put simply, the very best candidates are working with highly rated search firm recruiters who are submitting them to highly rated employer recruiters. These employers can be confident they’re choosing from among the best of the best. To learn more, check out our report, The Best of the Best. You can also learn more about employer and search firm recruiter ratings on our website.

And, join us on June 19th at 11:00 a.m. ET for a webinar on Measuring the Impact of Your Candidates’ Experience. Luke Gould, a Scout Program Delivery Director, will share more about our data and lessons learned from his years of work in Talent Acquisition hiring tens of thousands of people for a Fortune 100 company’s hardest jobs to fill.  Register for the webinar now.

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