Employer Recruiter Responsiveness Rating

A cornerstone of Scout’s unique Marketplace Recruiting approach is the ability of market players to evaluate and select the market partners best suited to their individual needs.

One way this is accomplished is through the unique Scout rating system, which evaluates employer recruiters and search recruiters on their past performance within Scout. These ratings assure maximum engagement of all parties and that only the highest quality candidates are submitted.

What is an employer recruiter responsiveness rating?

Scout gives employers a rating of zero to three bones as a way to make them more accountable for making timely decisions on whether they are interested in a candidate. The ratings motivate employers to act more quickly to improve their score.

How are the ratings determined?

Ratings are calculated by:

  • Timeliness of response. The sooner a job owner accepts or rejects candidates, the more it positively impacts the rating.
  • Job Completeness, as indicated how many “Tell Us More” questions are answered for each job posting. The more questions a job owner completes, the greater the impact on his or her rating.

A higher responsiveness rating has led to a 14% increase in candidate submissions and a 17% increase in candidate acceptances.

How can employer recruiters improve their ratings?

Prevent candidate expiration. Expired candidates send a message to search firms that the employer is not really interested in filling that job. When managing large volumes of candidates, we recommend using the “pause submission” feature to manage candidate flow and avoid unintended candidate expirations. Remember, a paused submission prevents search firms from submitting new candidates and causes pending candidates to expire if they haven’t been properly dispositioned.

Respond to candidates quickly. The faster pending candidates are dispositioned, the more positive the responsiveness rating will be.

Complete all relevant “Tell Us More” questions. The more information provided here, the better. This increases the likelihood that search firm recruiters will submit candidates that are better matches for open positions.

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