Deliver the candidate experience employers want

You probably already know how important the candidate experience is to employers in today’s job market. In 2019, improving the candidate experience is cited as being employers’ top priority. And candidate experience doesn’t begin and end within a company’s boundaries. Companies expect that when they invest in putting critical roles out to search firm recruiters that those recruiters will deliver a great experience as representatives of the hiring company.  

So, what do candidates want? A recent Glassdoor survey found that significant numbers of candidates are looking for engagement and information. Specifically:

  • 58 percent say clear, consistent communications during the process are important to them.
  • 53 percent expect clear expectations to be set from the beginning.
  • 51 percent would like feedback from the employer, even if they are not ultimately hired.
  • 45 percent want a clear explanation of the interview process.

Scout’s data scientists recently analyzed our recruiter data to better understand the factors that generate the most successful matches between employers’ talent acquisition teams, search firms and candidates.  The results suggest that highly rated search firm recruiters on the Scout marketplace deliver a superior candidate experience. To learn more, check out our report, The Best of the Best.

It’s also worth noting that our employer recruiter ratings are actually linked to candidate experience. These ratings look specifically at employers’ actions. Do job posts have enough of the right kinds of information? Do candidates and search firm recruiters get useful feedback? Are decisions made in a timely manner?

The same things that generate a high rating make a great candidate experience. So, when you work with a highly rated hiring company, there’s a good chance they place a high emphasis on candidate experience and they’re looking for search firms who do the same. You can learn more about employer and search firm recruiter ratings on our website.

Do you have questions about how the candidate experience can deliver the best candidates? Talk with someone who’s been there. Join us on June 19 at 11:00 a.m. ET for a webinar on Measuring the Impact of Your Candidates’ Experience. Luke Gould, a Scout Program Delivery Director, will share more about our data and lessons learned from his years of work in Talent Acquisition hiring tens of thousands of people for a Fortune 100 company’s hardest jobs to fill.  Click here to register.

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