Gain Access to 1,000s of Tech Candidates

We’re partnering with Humanpredictions to provide Scout recruiters a way to find new talent in the technology space.

Scout is now partnering with Humanpredictions – a comprehensive database of tech people.

Humanpredictions is actually similar to us in that they use machine learning; in their case to predict when people are more likely to be open to new job opportunities. They gather public data and put together a profile for each candidate.

Why should you use Humanpredictions?

  1. They take the work out of looking for profiles online (so you can search for them in one central location)
  2. They update people’s profiles regularly (so you can have the most up-to-date-information)
  3. They provide additional insight you can’t get through a typical database (so you can see who may be looking for a job, who may be more responsive to emails, and who is open to relocation)

Because you are a valued Scout talent provider, you get an exclusive offer: a 20% discount off their product!

We’re excited to be able to provide our hard-working recruiters with this opportunity to expand their pipeline of talent!