How to Improve Your Job Descriptions

Descriptions matter

A top-notch job description will not only help you to gain more candidates, but it will also help you to stand out among other employers. Thankfully, Scout makes this part easy! We just need a little help from you first.

When adding a job to the Scout marketplace, we ask for the following things to be included:

  • A comprehensive salary range
  • A specific job geographic location
  • A detailed and engaging job description

In order to make your job truly stand out to recruiters, we have a section called job details where you can add up to 20 additional informational items about the role. The more areas you fill out here, the better chances you have of candidates being submitted to your job.

What is asked in the job details sections?

They feature questions about:

  • What is exciting about this opportunity? Please include team and company culture
  • What are the 3-4 non-negotiable requirements of this position?
  • Does this position have direct reports?
  • Are the work hours flexible?
  • Is there a possibility to work remotely?
  • What are the nice-to-have skills?
  • What are the expected hours per week?
  • What can the candidate expect during the interview process?

Employers that complete all relevant job details questions receive 2X more candidate submissions and achieve a 5X higher fill rate.

Start improving your job descriptions today!