scout creates surge in fees for healthcare recruiter

The Challenge

HealthCare Scouts (HCS) Inc. is a search firm focused on the healthcare industry in the United States, with a network of candidates skilled in case management, utilization management, quality management, and more. Before joining Scout, the search firm was in contact with clients and had a steady stream of hires, but they were still seeking growth opportunities with outside workforce solutions.

The Solution

After joining Scout, Healthcare Scouts has seen a rapid increase in business and has begun to fill requisitions for new partners found in the Scout marketplace. Bill Morgan, the President of Healthcare Scouts, explained his appreciation for Scout. “It’s given us exposure to companies we didn’t have before, in addition to maintaining our relationships with existing customers.” Through this talent management case study, it was clear that in reaction to the rise in business spurred by entering the Scout marketplace, HCS has made internal changes. “We see our connection with Scout as potentially doubling our business,” Morgan said. “We’ve hired new recruiters and developed Scout specific roles, in order to enhance this relationship and grow our business.”

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HCS wanted to make more connections with new clients in the healthcare industry

Joining Scout connected
them with many new job requisitions in their specialty

HCS had great success effectively filling these job requisitions and grew their business quickly