scout fills high tech positions for manufacturer

The Challenge

Glory Global is a money management system company that designs and manufactures ATM machines, coin counters, currency counters, and more. The company operates in various locations and has a high demand for talent in many locations. With such a varied demand, Glory Global had to turn to search firms to make hires, and were inundated with communications from recruiters. April Bradford, a Human Resources Specialist at Glory Global, says her team turned to Scout seeking efficiency in their process. “We had a lot of calls from search firms trying to get a relationship started, and maintaining contact with multiple agencies requires a heavy time investment.”

The Solution

In two years with Scout, Glory Global has developed a streamlined and effective recruitment system. They’ve made a range of hires at multiple levels, including software developers, software support engineers, and field service technicians.

Scout has helped Glory Global find talent for hard-to-fill roles, and provided them with a single point of contact for sourcing these candidates. Bradford explained, “Scout has helped us streamline the process and stick to one point of communication. When we have a role that is difficult to fill, we place it in the Scout marketplace and quickly are able to see submitted candidates from qualified search firms instead of having to facilitate the process manually and working directly on an individual basis.” Hiring managers are increasingly satisfied with seeing more candidates quickly for these tricky roles, and Scout’s unique system has helped reduce time-to-fill. Glory Global will continue to leverage Scout’s proprietary technology to fill their most challenging roles.

Glory Global has niche roles in many locations, and filling them was a challenge

Scout opened these hard-to-fill roles to the marketplace and found candidates quickly

Glory Global now has an efficient and effective process for filling their most challenging roles