Gila finds fast fills with scout's help

The Challenge

When recruitment was added to Maura Gonsior’s role at Gila Regional Medical Center (GRMC) she faced a major ramp-up challenge. The turmoil in healthcare coupled with a change in the administration at GRMC had created a large turnover. Dozens of positions needed to be filled. Adding to the challenge, GRMC is located in remote, rural Silver City, New Mexico, three hours away from any major airport. The talent pool is limited and the community need for a range of healthcare services is extraordinarily wide. New positions were being created at GRMC to meet those community needs.

The average number of open positions hovered around 80 for their 650 employees. The roles she needed to fill, like registered nurses, are among the top 10 hardest-to-fill jobs, according to Forbes. Said Gonsior, “I didn’t have a lot of capacity so I was using multiple individual agencies to recruit for these critical, hard-to-fill, skilled positions. We just don’t have the talent in our area for positions like occupational therapists and even registered nurses because there is such a shortage.”She sought out a digitally advanced recruitment process.

The Solution

Gonsior turned to Scout Exchange. Using her applicant tracking (ATS) system, Gonsior posted her hardest-to-fill positions directly to Scout. This recruitment case study showed that the matched recruiters delivered highly qualified candidates to GRMC that were a great fit for the positions and were willing to relocate.

The recruiters provided candidates that were often a great fit and were willing to relocate. GRMC averaged 19 days for the four positions hired through Scout. The first hire only took one day! According to Gonsior, there’s absolutely no reason not to try Scout. “Scout’s super user friendly, you can negotiate your placement fee and there’s a lot of support.”

Gonsior says she’s able to fill positions more quickly, efficiently and cost effectively. Given the increased demand and pressure, she couldn’t be more pleased with having Scout as her recruitment partner. “I would absolutely recommend Scout. I feel like I finally have support. Scout has definitely simplified my job.”

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GRMC, located in a remote, rural area, needed to fill dozens of open positions quickly in the notoriously
competitive healthcare field

Scout matched them with recruiters who supplied candidates who were both qualified and willing to relocate

GRMC averaged 19 days for the positions hired through Scout. The first hire only took one day!