Introducing Scout’s New Gender Diversity Badge

Achieving gender diversity in the workplace takes more than the best of intentions. We know many of our hiring companies are looking to improve their gender diversity recruiting strategy, and we’re here to help.

We believe those recruiters who are striving to provide a more diverse candidate pool should be rewarded for their efforts. That’s why we’ve developed Scout’s new Gender Diversity badge. This badge is a way for search firm recruiters to show employers that they have a proven track record of submitting gender diverse candidates to a particular job type.

How does it work?

This badge is given to recruiters when they are submitting more gender diverse candidates in comparison to the average marketplace recruiter.

When a candidate is submitted to a permanent direct-hire job listing, the employer who posted the position will see that the submitting recruiter has the Gender Diversity badge next to their name. This informs the employer that the recruiter has been proven to submit gender diverse candidates in that listing’s job category.

This is a prestigious badge that is difficult to attain but can be accomplished by any recruiter in our marketplace.

What it looks like in Scout

This is what the employer will see when they have candidates submitted to their Job Listing:

Search firm recruiters who earn this badge will be informed by Scout when they log into their account.

We hope this new product feature will make our employers and search firm recruiters think about how they can create a more diverse marketplace in Scout, as well as achieve more gender diversity in their own organization.