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Unique data-driven Ratings

Scout alone features Marketplace Recruiting ratings that are machine-generated and based on quantifiable data that gauges a Search Firm recruiter’s actual performance relative to peers in similar situations. This feature complements Scout’s existing Employer Ratings, which are also machine-generated.

Search Firm Recruiter ratings are especially valuable in building employer confidence and trust in search firms they have not worked with previously. Scout ratings are calculated using a range of data points, including quantity of candidate submissions, acceptances and rejections relative to peers in similar scenarios on the platform. Expirations are not considered when calculating ratings.

Scout also normalizes the data to account for non-controllable factors such as whether or not a search firm is a Preferred Provider and timing of candidate submission relative to job posting date.

To achieve a rating, a Scout recruiter must maintain activity on the platform, defined as having actively disposed a sufficient number of candidates within a certain period of time.

Scout makes it easy.

Big data benefits specialty recruiters as well. One contract gives them access to a vast marketplace of relevant job requisitions, reducing the amount of time they need to spend on business development. With this model, specialty recruiters receive the job orders they are best equipped to fill. This results in more business opportunities and more satisfied clients. According to Staffing Industry Analysts, “specialization and sourcing relevant job orders create a tremendous business advantage for agency recruiters.

Scout Connect

Scout Connect provides you a simple, streamlined way to expand your business by providing you access to hundreds of jobs in the Scout marketplace.

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