You focus on finding talent

Making more placements? It’s not rocket science, it’s computer science. Here’s how we help recruiters make more money in less time.

How it works
Screenshot of Scout Marketplace with doodle of job search results for recruiters

1. We zero in on your specialty

Our AI-driven platform dives into your backstory to get a better sense of your sweet spot – the types of positions you’re most likely to fill.

Scout Marketplace screenshot with drawn speech bubble explaining various job options

2. We serve up targeted openings

Jobs come straight from the employer’s ATS platform, with our machine learning engine suggesting the specific openings we know are in your wheelhouse.

Screenshot of Scout Marketplace with doodle zoom-in of how to submit candidates

3. Streamlined Applicant Process

You submit qualified candidates and communicate with employers all the way through hiring right within Scout – so no more crossed wires or outreach hassles.

Taupe dog sitting forward with bag of money in mouth, highlighting money saved using Scout

4. Simplified contracts & invoices

With a simple process to becoming an approved vendor, you sign one contract with Scout and then, as you fill roles, we handle all the hassles of invoicing and making sure your placement fees are paid accurately.

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