Get fast access to Fortune 500s

The Scout platform connects you with openings at premier employers, so you can fill jobs fast, make more money and focus on what you do best: finding talent.

Key benefits
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Make placements 33% faster

We use big data to deliver big opportunities. Our proprietary matching algorithm helps you fill roles faster and easier by identifying your specialty and serving up job orders best suited to you and your candidates.

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Get a foot in the door of the big guys

You’ve got existing relationships and revenue sources. Keep them. We’ll open the door to more, from premier employers—including Fortune 500 companies—with open roles to fill. We can effectively be your business development arm.

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Get back to doing what you do best

Integration with your existing systems and smart automation takes most of the day-to-day tasks (like invoicing, payment, disputes and appeals) off your plate, freeing you up to focus on finding and delivering top talent.

How it works

Making more placements? It’s not rocket science, it’s computer science. Here’s how we help recruiters make more money in less time.

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