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scout for search firms

With Scout you have access to a vast marketplace of marquee companies with real jobs. We leverage the power and efficiency of specialization to deliver opportunities directly to you — helping you make placements, and money, faster.


With one contract at Scout you instantly become an approved vendor.


Scout accelerates the hiring process allowing you to make placements 33% faster.


With a growing marketplace and a streamlined placement process, Scout helps you make money faster.

Whether you lead a search firm or are a recruiter, Scout can help make your job easier and more streamlined.



Using only one contract, Scout lets you quickly become an approved vendor for hundreds of companies, allowing you to scale your business more efficiently. It’s the perfect way to build relationships as a source of repeated revenue opportunities. New staff can hit the ground running with Scout’s ready-to-go job orders. Your growing team can place more talent, ultimately increasing profitability.

  • One contract.
  • Access to marquee companies.
  • Growing job inventory.
  • Scout manages invoicing and payment, disputes & appeals.
  • Handles preparation of invoicing inclusive of sales tax compliance & remittance for all activity on Scout.


We’re here to provide the best opportunities to the candidates you find. Rather than add a layer of complexity, Scout simplifies it so you can spend your time on what you do best: rapidly matching candidates to positions.

  • Jobs targeted to your specialty.
  • Approved vendor day one, no engagement requests.
  • Open doors and build lasting relationships.
  • Scout manages invoicing and payment.
  • Make more money fast.
  • Vendor communication integrated within Scout.

By integrating directly into the systems you work with every day, we make it easy.

Scout is simple to activate and to use. You can view job orders recommended though performance-based matching, or search by keyword.

We partner with the most popular applicant tracking systems.

Scout automated the recruitment process so you’re unleashed from the day­-to-­day tasks, allowing you to be more productive.