Hiring has never been easier

To see Scout in action, check out the demo. But we know you might not have time for that, so here’s a quick overview of how it works (and how to get more of that time on your side).

Screenshot of Scout Marketplace with zoom in to explain recruiter's fee

1. You post a job

Our platform uses machine learning to match open jobs to our marketplace’s specialized search firm recruiters with the best track records of filling similar positions. So, time to fill drops 40%, and you get better, more qualified candidates from the best, most qualified recruiters.

Walking dog wearing drawn glasses and thinking about recruiting employees

2. We find the right recruiters

Our AI-driven engine parses the job description and matches it to the specialty recruiters best suited to fill the position.

Screenshot of Scout Marketplace with a doodle explaining recruiter rating system with blue stars

3. We rank them for you

Machine learning ranks those recruiters by track record, and how likely they are to fill your job – so you can save time by sending it to top performers first.

Doodle over screenshot of Scout marketplace showing a warning of a duplicate candidate

4. We de-duplicate candidates

When candidates are submitted, our smart system runs them against your existing database – preventing you from paying for candidates already in your ATS.

5. We centralize everything

Everything from submission to hiring happens within Scout, so all contracts, invoices, and records for compliance are centralized.

6. We help you stay on track

We track and organize the costs and data associated with hiring, so it’s easy to monitor your bottom line, programs and progress.