Contingent hiring, without the contingencies

With Scout, pretty much anything is possible when it comes to managing your contingent workforce.  With a full range of contingent solutions, you can work exactly how you want to work. That’s what we call revolutionary.

All the benefits of Scout​

Using Scout for your contingent workforce means you get all the same advantages you get with direct workforce hiring:

Access to the largest pool of recruiters anywhere

Intelligent matching and objective recruiter ratings

One platform, one invoice, one process

All for free (vendor-funded)​

Delivered to order

Every company is different. That’s why we provide multiple options for managing your contingent workforce.  You choose how you need to work, and we’ll set you up. Does it get any easier?

Program Management

The “Let’s Go” Solution

We’ve taken all the guesswork out of contingent hiring and configured a system that’s ready to work for you, right now.  One simple contract with your flow-downs, cost control at the program level, and complete integration with your HR systems.  It doesn’t get much simpler than this.

Candidate Sourcing

The “Have It Your Way” Solution

For those who want complete control, we’ve created a flexible solution that can be configured however you’d like. Choose one Employer of Record for all of your contingent workers no matter where they were sourced. No more managing multiple temporary staffing providers at your sites.

Enhanced Recruiter Network

The “I’d Like Some More Please” Solution

Maybe your VMS/MSP already works well, but you just need access to more talent. We can do that too. Scout easily integrates with your existing system to give you the additional reach you need within the platform you’re comfortable using.