Why your whole team will love Scout

Recruiter / TA
  • Faster fill times
  • Lower hiring costs
  • Less admin work
  • More time to vet top talent to help achieve your company's strategic goals
Hiring Managers
  • Greater access to passive candidates and top talent from specialized recruiters
  • Lower hiring costs
  • Faster fill times
Procurement & Legal
  • One standardized contract and invoice
  • One standardized process that ensures compliance
  • World class security
Business & Workforce Analytics
  • Track resource pipeline against business projections
  • Review changing workforce demographics
Key benefits

40% faster placement

Our platform uses machine learning to match open jobs to our marketplace’s specialized search firm recruiters with the best track records of filling similar positions. So, time to fill drops 40%, and you get better, more qualified candidates from the best, most qualified recruiters.

Spend less time managing search firm recruiters

Deep, seamless integration with your ATS means no more juggling phone calls, emails, invoices, and separate contracts from dozens of different vendors. Instead, save time, mitigate risk, and cut down on cold calls by managing them all through Scout

Reduce search costs by 33%. For free

By letting you set the fee percentage and having search firm recruiters compete to fill your jobs, most companies see a 33% reduction in fees their first year. Oh, and did we mention the Scout platform is 100% free for employers?

Power insights & strategic value

Leverage valuable insights, such as spend-to-date, hiring patterns, and macro industry trends to drive efficiencies and free up time to use your expertise to focus on candidate quality and fit for the role.

Our secret sauce

How do we do it? These 3 unique ingredients power the Scout platform

Ready to see how Scout can help simplify the hiring process, save you money and find better talent? Let’s talk.