Cloud based solution integrated with iCIMS to guide your positions to the most qualified headhunters.

Streamline the way you work with recruiters to hire the best candidates, with one contract and one invoicing path all within iCIMS. Scout simplifies the entire talent acquisition process by effortlessly connecting employers to the best search firms, in every specialization and industry, based on their prior success, experience, and location.

Scout at Work

Integrated seamlessly within iCIMS software, Scout feels like a natural part of your day. Employers can post positions to Scout and our performance based matching recommends jobs to recruiters in the marketplace that have demonstrated success with similar roles.

Manage your search firms in one place and continue the level of communication you’d like, while also streamlining the processes you want to improve. By digitizing many time-consuming tasks, you can focus on finding what’s important: finding quality talent to grow your business.

Once you decide to hire a candidate submitted through Scout, you can save significantly on placement fees thanks to Scout’s competitive bidding feature. You set the fee you’re willing to pay, putting you in control of your own search firm spending.