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Scout is the only technology integrated with your applicant tracking system to simplify and streamline engagement with search firms. With Scout+ you can manage all of your search firms and you have a vibrant marketplace behind it to ensure results. One contract, one process, one invoice. Effective. Efficient. Done.


A search firm management tool integrated directly into your ATS


Streamlines, manages, and simplifies activity with third-party recruiters


Cut hire time by 30-40% and decrease agency spend by 33%

Everyone in your organization can benefit from Scout.

Whether you’re the head of the department, managing contracts in procurement, or a recruiter with a heavy requisition load, you can use Scout to remove high-touch, manual processes. By streamlining to drive efficiency, you can focus on what’s important: finding top talent to grow your business.


Head of Talent Acquisition

You’re tasked with driving results: filling positions quickly with qualified candidates while keeping costs down. Scout is the all-in-one solution that also allows flexibility for the future as your business changes and grows.

  • Save money and make faster hires.
  • Optimize recruiter time.
  • Access accurate vendor measurement.
  • See data and trends specific to your company.
  • Automate processes to avoid errors.
  • Access to vibrant growing marketplace.
  • One solution for all your search firm positions: Scout+


Scout eliminates the hassle of analyzing and signing multiple agreements. Who needs red tape? One simple contract gets you access to all of the search firms on Scout.

  • Sign only one contract.
  • Let us handle invoice management.
  • Benefit from vendor consolidation.
  • Eliminate requirement-specific contracts.
  • Remove bottleneck of vendor onboarding.


Integrating seamlessly into your current ATS workflow, Scout makes your day easier. We quickly match your open jobs to the search firms that specialize in finding the most qualified candidates for your unique needs.

  • Gain access to more candidates.
  • Eradicate vendor solicitation.
  • Rein in rogue hiring managers.
  • Reduce the burden of admin tasks.
  • Centralize recruiting.

Learn more about what Scout can do for you.

Explore how our technology can drastically reduce the time and money spent on hiring by simplifying the way you connect to recruiters.

We partner with the ATS you’re already using.

By centralizing and automating much of the recruiting workflow and administrative tasks, Scout gives you more time to focus on the big picture. Don’t waste time getting bogged down with repetitive administrative tasks. Our seamless integration with applicant tracking systems provides a more convenient, time-saving, and intuitive way to recruit.