scout finds recruiters with the right candidates

The Challenge

With few internal resources for recruiting, Flatiron used job boards, LinkedIn, and external recruiters to find new hires, but they were finding the results lacking. “We had an open requisition for an estimator role for nearly a year, but recruiters were just sending us the same old candidates,” said Claire Sideri, Human Resources Manager for Flatiron. “I don’t care about a recruiter’s sales pitch. I want to see proof in the candidates they send us.”

The Solution

Flatiron began using Scout to connect with the specialty recruiters who were best able to find the right talent. Flatiron simply clicks a button within Taleo to post a job to Scout. Scout then shares the position with those recruiters who have had the best performance for those specific types of roles.

Using Scout gave Flatiron its first introduction to ACS Professional Staffing, a recruiting firm specializing in engineering and IT roles. ACS found a top candidate for the estimator role, filling the position in less than 30 days. “Using Scout gave us access to a candidate we would not otherwise have met,” Sideri said.

Flatiron had few internal resources for recruiting, and outside recruiters were sending unproven candidates

Scout introduced Flatiron to specialty recruiters who have had the best performance in their industry

It took less than 30 days on Scout to fill a challenging position, and Flatiron now has a relationship with a previously unknown recruiter