Female Recruiters Leading the Charge to Close the Gender Equity Gap

Data from Scout Exchange reveals female recruiters find and place more female candidates, offering hope amidst disturbing trends in gender pay and hiring outcomes

BOSTON, MA – September 25, 2018 –New data from Scout Exchange, a platform for marketplace recruiting, reveals female recruiters are leading the charge in closing the gender equity gap. The analysis, based on data from hundreds of thousands of candidates and thousands of specialty recruiters, found a statistically significant correlation between female recruiters and female candidate submissions and fill rates, suggesting that engaging female recruiters can help employers improve gender equity in talent acquisition. Specifically, Scout’s analysis uncovered the following differences between male and female recruiters:

  • Female recruiters are 130% more effective at getting female candidates hired
  • Female recruiters are 25% more likely to submit female candidates
  • Female recruiters achieve 43% higher candidate fill rates across job categories

This data offers hope for employers seeking to improve gender parity, especially considering the need for improvement. Further analysis of recruiting activity on Scout’s marketplace identified the following disparities:

  • Females represent only 30% of total candidate submissions
  • Female candidates earn 22% lower salaries than males, on average
  • The average female hire earns $90,000, compared to $110,000 for the average male  

Unfortunately, the data is especially troubling amongst higher paying jobs. Female candidates accounted for only 20% of total submissions for jobs paying $150,000 or more on Scout, aligning with recent Catalyst research findings that women comprise only 21% of senior VP roles in Fortune 500 companies.

“This data also reinforces what we’ve known for years, which is that decision bias inevitably creeps into all human decisions, including during the talent acquisition process.  But, by having access to real time recruiting data, along with the ability to analyze and understand it, we can use the data and our AI platform to drive specific hiring objectives, such as improving gender parity, reducing cost, or increasing fill rates.”

This week Scout is hosting two Executive Forum Events centered on the theme of “Rethinking Your Gender Equity Strategy.” The events will feature discussions led by global expert on diversity and inclusion in the workplace, Pam Jeffords, Partner at Mercer Human Resources Consulting. For more information please visit, https://www.goscoutgo.com/events.

About Scout Exchange

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