Learn About Your Employer Recruiter Rating

Scout ratings are given to both Employer Recruiters and Search Firm Recruiters. Our ratings are not the subjective Yelp or Amazon-style reviews, they are instead derived from historical performance.

We use data, not opinions.

Employer Recruiter Ratings

Scout’s employer recruiter ratings measure timeliness of response and how complete job postings are (e.g., do posts include location, job description, accurate salary and visa information, etc.). In other words, employers are measured on responsiveness, timeliness and information – attributes candidates say are important to them.

Employer Recruiter Ratings Are Calculated by:

  • Timeliness of Response: How quickly a job owner accepts or rejects candidates that have been submitted
  • Job Posting Completeness: Do job postings include accurate information and completed “Tell Us More” questions?
  • Rate of Dispositioned Candidates: Rate of dispositioned candidates compared to all submissions (excluding expirations) due to job closure or activity on jobs where job listing owner was changed

Scout Rating Scale

We have a graduated scale to rank all recruiters:

1 star – Very low chance of receiving submitted candidates; need to make improvements immediately
2 star – Low chance of receiving submitted candidates; need to start making improvements
3 star – Average, but you can still make adjustments to improve your rating
4 star – Top performing, you have a slightly higher increase in candidate submissions
5 star – Best of the best, you have a significantly higher increase in candidate submissions

A five-star employer recruiter receives 27% more candidate submissions than an average or low performing recruiter

Just remember, search firms take your ratings into account when choosing to work on your job, so it’s crucial to keep it as high as possible. Learn more about Search Firm Recruiter Ratings here.