scout revolutionizes security firm’s sourcing

The Challenge

DGA Security Systems Inc. is a well-known security systems company based in New York, providing safety, security and fire solutions. The company is growing quickly, and filling roles efficiently and effectively is a priority. DGA Security looked to streamline their recruitment systems, and found a solution in Scout. When Gregg Fiorentino, the Human Resource Manager at DGA, met with Scout CEO Ken Lazarus in New York, Fiorentino decided to move ahead with Scout implementation immediately. Fiorentino was energized by the interaction; “I met with Ken at a Starbucks in midtown Manhattan and after speaking with him I just wanted to get DGA onboard as soon as possible.”

The Solution

Scout has revolutionized the DGA sourcing process. Now, DGA is able to connect with the entirety of the vast Scout marketplace via one contract, in one location — keeping communications streamlined while also providing more qualified candidates for job requisitions. Sout has increased the volume of candidates DGA has seen. “We’re able to work with a lot of recruiters who are able to work on a variety of positions within one resource. We no longer need an IT firm or a sales firm or a marketing firm. Plus, we are able to negotiate for rates.”

Now, Fiorentino posts a variety of open positions to Scout, and has seen marked success, even with the most challenging roles. Fiorentino explained, “we’ve been posting jobs to Scout that we’ve been having trouble filling. Sales positions are difficult to fill in New York City, and Scout is always going to be a go-to resource for us in those positions. We’re now adding a variety of management level roles to Scout. We expect Scout will be even more of a resource for us going forward.” DGA plans to leverage Scout to continue to grow and develop great teams.

DGA is expanding and looking to make challenging hires quickly and efficiently.

DGA utilizes the power of the Scout marketplace to find increased quality and quantity in their applicants.

Scout will be an instrumental hiring tool as DGA continues to expand into new markets.