In business for over 15 years, this search firm focused on maintaining the relationship with their dominant client, a large national company that provided the vast majority of their search activity and revenue. Building their entire operation around meeting the specific needs of this single company, the search firm, unfortunately, failed to diversify their client portfolio.


Without warning or explanation, the client suddenly quit sending their job listings to the search firm. As they began to run out of money, the search firm was forced to call one of their recruiters — who had done sourcing for the large employer on their behalf — with the news that they had to lay her off.

Fortunately, the recruiter was undaunted. Although she’d never used Scout before, she knew that the firm was on a recruitment marketplace. She asked the search firm to give her access to the platform and the chance to see if she could use Scout to develop new business.


  • Grow and diversify the search firm’s client base.
  • Expand beyond the prior client’s sector and develop expertise on a wider breadth of job types.
  • Bring in new streams of revenue.
  • Position the search firm for future success.


With over 30 years of HR experience and experience sourcing for IT positions, the recruiter was no stranger to process and strategy. She began by focusing on jobs without many submissions from highly-ranked job owners.

Ultimately, through Scout, the recruiter:

  • Analyzed the various marketplace opportunities from highly-ranked job owners.
  • Researched positions that did not have many submissions so she could add her high-quality candidates.
  • Secured four placements in the first month alone.
  • Helped strategically rebuild the search firm by carefully choosing (based on reputation) which companies they wanted to work with.
  • Diversified not only clients, but also industries and job types served.
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