Scout helps search firm recover from client loss

The Challenge

A search firm which had been in business for over 15 years had one large, national client that provided the vast majority of their searches and revenue. The firm was not actively diversifying their client portfolio and had, in fact, built their entire operation around meeting the specific needs of the one large employer.

With no warning, or explanation, the large employer quit sending their job listings to the search firm. The firm went from a firehose to a drought. Before long the search firm was running out of money. They called one of their recruiters, who had done sourcing for the lost client, to tell her they were going to have to lay her off.

The recruiter knew the firm was on the Scout recruitment marketplace, but she hadn’t personally used it. She asked the company to give her access and a chance to see if she could use Scout to develop new business.

She had the ability to develop processes and 30+ years of HR background so approached the challenge systematically and with an open mind. She began by looking for new jobs, with little activity from highly ranked job owners. She focused on jobs where she felt she could jump in and add value and show them her potential; jobs without many submissions.

The Solution

Although for the last several years she had been sourcing financial advisors, she also had
experience in HR and IT. So, she considered jobs in those categories as well as the types of
jobs she had been working on recently.

Based on her analysis of the opportunities in the Scout marketplace she projected the amount of revenue she could bring in using Scout and convinced the firm’s owner to keep her on. She spent about a week researching the positions and candidates and then began submitting candidates. Within the first month she secured 4 placements through Scout.

The firm did have to cut back on staff and operate on a shoestring for a couple months, but they are now rebuilding by being strategic about using Scout. It’s safe to say that they learned the value of a diversified set of clients.

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