Scout helps major Healthcare company recover

The Challenge

One of the nation’s largest kidney care companies—with more than 70,000 employees— was facing a challenge in matching their hiring to their growth. Because an estimated 10% of the U.S. adult population has chronic kidney conditions, demand is high for medical professionals with renal experience.

Add to this Fortune 500 company’s frustrations, their contracts with search firms had inconsistent terms and fees which ranged from 15 to 30%. There also wasn’t consistent data on the search firms’ effectiveness or total spend.

The Solution

Partnering with Scout alleviated the company’s significant pain points.

  • Scout’s one contract for all search firms not only solved the compliance problem but also provided a 90-day, money-back guarantee on new hires made through Scout.
  • Scout consolidated all search fees into one invoice greatly simplifying the payment process and eliminating the operational challenges of making sure all providers were paid on a timely basis. The consolidated billing made it possible for the company to easily understand their third party spend.
  • Scout’s ATS integration produced cost savings as the company no longer paid for duplicate candidates. As the company increased their use of providers from Scout’s marketplace of specialty recruiters their fees (previously as high as 30%!) and time to fill decreased.

Bringing Scout into the company’s Talent Acquisition process solved their original challenges and additional benefits are being achieved as the relationship continues.