Search Firm and Healthcare Provider Success

This Fortune 500 Medicaid-managed care organization employs nearly 50,000 and is the number one insurer in the U.S. Health Insurance Marketplace.


With rapid growth into new markets, this healthcare provider needed to identify qualified third-party search firms to fill their hundreds of openings for highly skilled jobs with annual salaries ranging between $140,000 to $300,000. To accomplish such a daunting hiring task, the insurer also needed to ensure a streamlined process. That meant establishing a centralized contract and invoice process to remain complaint and reduce the administrative burden. At the same time, it was important to the provider to standardize processes for third-party search firms, control spend and identify duplicate candidates already in their ATS.


  • Centralize contract management to simplify the process and ensure compliance.
  • Create and implement standardized hiring processes for permanent direct hires done via third-party search firms.
  • Streamline payment of third-party search firms and gain visibility into total spend.
  • Gain access to new sources of talent to immediately tap into qualified, highly rated specialty recruiters in new markets and for new types of positions.
  • Find a partner able to deliver when staff ramp-ups strained the capacity of the in-house recruiters.
  • Get data for use in developing fees based on industry and marketplace metrics.


Using Scout’s ATS-integrated permanent direct hire solution, the healthcare provider was ultimately able to reduce time to fill by 38% and also reduce fees paid by 16% through a combination of actionable data, increased competition and the quality third-party search firm recruiters. Through Scout, they:

  • Centralized compliance by consolidating search firms into one contract with the same terms and conditions for all
  • Gained transparency into their total spend and, by paying Scout one bill for all fees, they reduced the administrative burden on Accounts Payable
  • Implemented a standardized hiring process in their ATS for using third-party search firms
  • Saved money by no longer paying for duplicate candidates in their ATS due to Scout’s integration
  • Solved their staffing ramp-up needs with immediate access to the highly-rated specialty search firm recruiters in the Scout marketplace
  • Benefitted from increased Tier-One diversity supplier spend because of Scout’s status as an MBE company
  • Received up-to-date market data to plan fees based on position type and labor market in the hiring area
  • Simplified third party search by having one Scout point of contact for all search-firm hires
  • Gained ability to manage third-party and internal recruiters using Scout’s AI-driven performance ratings
  • Gained 90-day money-back guarantee on all hires through the Scout marketplace