Scout helps European chain move into new markets

Retail direct hire

The Challenge

A grocery retailer based in Germany was operating more than 10,000 stores in 27 countries. They entered the U.S. market in 2017 and immediately had a large number of jobs to fill—but no U.S. infrastructure to support internal recruiting. This led to a reliance on search firms who filled 65% of the open positions.

The urgency of filling the jobs resulted in a lack of standard contract terms with search firms. Fees ranged from flat to 35%. The talent acquisition process was more chaos than process. Legal, Accounts Payable and Talent Acquisition resources were strained and it was difficult to develop a favorable employer brand in the U.S. market.

The Accounts Payable department was swimming in invoices from various agencies, leading to frustration on both ends. And, without  standard terms, the retail chain had a hard time identifying and enforcing contract terms when issues developed. Their rapid growth was desperate for standardization, and the Senior Manager of Talent Acquisition was tasked with achieving that goal.

The Solution

Enter Veritas Prime, which functioned as the integration partner with SAP SuccessFactors for both the company and Scout Exchange. Introductions were made, and Scout Exchange’s standing as a Partner Edge Build Partner with SAP SuccessFactors was a compelling factor to chain. After a demo of Scout, they knew they’d found their answer.

Since implementing Scout, the company has been able to reduce their total search firm spend; standardize processes and contracts; and eliminate invoicing and payment problems.

According to the Senior Manager of Talent Acquisition, “Now that [we] have the right platform in place, Scout is helping us get the best talent according to our terms.”

Their expansion is now happening in an organized way—bringing in the right search firm resources where most needed, and most effective. The retail chain can scale up rapidly if they have a surge in hiring needs, and Talent Acquisition is confident that as their business needs change, Scout can always support them.

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