Scout gives global food giant the ingredients for success

Manufacturing Direct Hire | CASE STUDY


In just 40 years, this Irish dairy company grew into a multinational food leader. From product innovation to production, this global food giant is on a mission to help consumers eat better and, ultimately, feel better.

Solutions used: ATS-integrated (Workday) permanent direct hires


The food company had an unexpected need to quickly fill 15 second-and third-shift positions in order to keep the manufacturing lines open and capitalize on a sudden spike in demand for their products. Plant-based recruiters have primarily used traditional media and local signage to advertise open positions, but it can often take several weeks or months to fill those roles, particularly for second- and third-shifts, if they are filled at all. The company’s Talent Acquisition group (TA) is located in a small Midwestern city. With more than 30 individual manufacturing plants— and a cost associated with using the TA team—the local facilities only turn to the TA group for critical hires. The food giant’s TA team had used Scout Exchange with success to source high-level executive positions and technical roles that required specialized skills. They had not previously used Scout for line positions in their plants. But the new situation led to the need for a new solution. The lead TA consultant sprang into action, posting the positions in the Scout Recruitment Marketplace and selecting a fixed-price fee option. He created a single requisition for the 14 line positions and a second requisition for the line management role.


  • Hire 15 critical, hard-to-fill second- and third-shift roles in record time.
  • Maximize manufacturing capacity to avoid lost revenue opportunities.
  • Meet consumer demand.
  • Avoid having to pay the cost associated with using the centralized TA team to fill roles.


Using the Scout Recruitment Marketplace with our fixed-price fee option, the food industry leader:

  • Extended offers for 11 of the open positions within 14 days.
  • Put all new hires in place within three weeks of posting the positions on Scout.
  • Decreased the time to hire and increased fill rate resulting in more than $2,000,000 in incremental revenue.
  • Achieved a 48% acceptance rate.
  • Realized 32% savings in fees and duplicates.
  • Achieved an average fill rate of 38 days.
  • Streamlined contracts, invoicing and funds disbursement.