The company’s success took off rapidly after several high-profile lifestyle experts became aligned with the brand. Their warehouse locations had competitive labor markets which made staffing 1,000 retail distribution roles for 4-5 weeks each quarter a challenge. The company’s team was over-whelmed trying to reach and process the volume of hires needed to ensure that customers received the correct products in the promised timeframe.


  • Expand their access to temporary talent
  • Be able to source enough candidates to fill the roles
  • Pay the temporary workers on the provider’s payroll


The company decided to give Scout 400 of the 1,000 requisitions to test the capabilities of our marketplace.

The results were:

  • 750 candidates were sourced and submitted within the first 72 hours
  • 100+ candidates were extended offers within 24 hours
  • Created a sustainable model to use each quarter
  • The company continues to increase the number of requisitions they assign to Scout