Scout connects a global company to high-volume talent at lower costs

The Challenge

A multi-national food company focused on nutrition and taste science faced a challenge with its high-volume production roles in the U.S. Historically, these roles have been filled primarily by contract labor. However, the company found them difficult to fill due to the skilled nature of the jobs, often remote locations and a decentralized hiring process.

With organic growth projected to create 2,000 additional job openings, talent acquisition leaders at the company sought to solve recruiting challenges while transitioning the production roles from contract to permanent jobs. The company created a center of excellence called Project Momentum to support evolving hiring needs and looked for a partner that could help them establish more efficient and effective relationships with search firm recruiters.

The Solution

Scout’s Program Delivery team worked closely with key stakeholders including the Project Momentum leaders and plant managers to fully understand challenges, opportunities and location-specific nuances. Weekly calls with the team allowed Scout to set up a streamlined workflow and centralized communications process. By partnering with Scout, the company was able to address significant hiring challenges.

  • By leveraging Scout’s AI-driven platform, the company is able to identify the best search firms for each opportunity based on the location and skills requirements.
  • A set fee-per-hire across all skilled labor positions at production facilities in the U.S. allows them to project costs and provides spend visibility that did not exist previously.
  • Soon after the program with Scout launched, they quickly began to fill their pipeline with qualified direct hire candidates.
  • New hires placed by Scout Marketplace recruiters have higher rates of retention than previous hires.
  • The influx of talent kept production lines running, ensuring that revenue would not be lost.
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