One of April’s existing clients was also a client of Scout’s, so April was familiar with the Scout platform. She had a history of sourcing qualified medical directors for that mutual client.

To help her own company thrive, she knew she needed to develop an in-depth knowledge of additional job categories. April quickly realized that by becoming a talent provider in Scout’s recruitment marketplace, she’d have “the keys to the kingdom” for expanding her business.


  • Use the Scout marketplace to identify newly posted positions that needed candidates.
  • Become an expert on a wider variety of job types and the skill sets needed for success.
  • Find new employers and submit high-quality candidates to their jobs to earn their consideration and business
  • Maintain strong relationships with existing clients.
  • Provide a personal and differentiating positive experience for her candidates.


Using the Scout marketplace permanent direct hire solution, April has generated over half a million dollars in fees and grown her company. In partnership with Scout, April has:

  • Benefited from AI-driven objective ratings of her performance. Her consistently-maintained 5-star rating is a competitive differentiator and gets new clients to consider her.
  • Used Scout Company profiles, LinkedIn research, and Google alerts to get up-to-speed on employers.
  • Gleaned from hiring managers crucial internal culture and business information to help identify which candidates would be the best fits.
  • Developed the expertise to tackle a breadth of job types including accounting, finance, IT and manufacturing.
  • Saved the time and money required to have to develop business on her own.
  • Eased administrative burden and eliminated awkward collections calls with Scout now paying all of her invoices.
  • Managed candidate expectations upfront with her knowledge of client hiring processes to ensure a good candidate experience.
  • Used employer ratings to determine who would be good to work with and focused her efforts accordingly.
  • Been able to expand her business in the ways that best serve her goals.